SAT 31.08. 20:00
Jack (Himesh Patel) is a passionate musician, but, having had no success, he can barely keep his head above water. From his sleepy little village on the English coast he has never ventured out into the big wide world. But one person still believes in Jack: his childhood girlfriend Ellie (Lily James) is steadfastly convinced of Jack’s talent. Until one day a miracle happens to him. After a mysterious, worldwide power failure Jack is hit by a bus. When he regains consciousness everything seems the same. But Jack soon realises that nobody but him can remember the music of The Beatles. Jack makes the most of the situation, selling the worldwide smash hits as his own compositions. He rapidly becomes a global sensation and mega pop star who sets hearts racing and tours with Ed Sheeran. However, his newly won fame puts his relationships with friends and family to the test.
1:56 h | FSK age rating 0 years
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